Indian Def Min approves extension of resettlement facilities to cadets invalidated on medical grounds during military training

The Indian Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh has approved a proposal for extension of resettlement facilities to cadets who are invalidated from military training on medical grounds due to the causes attributable to/aggravated by the training.

This decision has been taken as the cadets join military academies at a young age with the intention of joining as officers in the Armed Forces, and show a commitment to serve the nation in uniform, but are unfortunate in being invalidated.

Since decades, cadets/their parents have been demanding such resettlement opportunities.

Every year, young cadets at military academies undergo academic and military training with the prime objective of being commissioned as officers in the Armed Forces.

As per extant rules, such a cadet is treated as an officer only after commissioning.

Instances occur where, given the rigours of Military Training, some cadets (10-20 per annum) are invalidated on medical grounds due to causes attributable to or aggravated by Military Training.

In order to further enhance the opportunities for such cadets, the Defence Minister has cleared another proposal of the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, allowing extension of benefits of schemes run by Directorate General Resettlement.

This will help 500 cadets who have been boarded out on medical grounds to access the schemes and ensure a brighter future for them.

Future cadets in similar condition would also get the same benefits.