MoD issues Tender for Procurement of 50 Nos. Ocean Booms, 62 Nos. Nearshore Booms for Indian Coast Guard

The Ministry of Defence (MoD), India intends to procure 50 Nos. of Ocean booms and 62 Nos. Nearshore booms for Marine Pollution Response for the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and have issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) / tender under ‘Buy (Indian)’ category regarding the same.

Noteworthy, booms with air inflatable facility will be required for embarking onboard ICG ships view its compactness for stowing onboard.

Further, these booms should be inflatable air chambers to provide buoyancy.

The floatation chambers are to be fixed with non-return valves. Ballast is to be provided by a chain that acts as tension member.

Ocean booms will be required to be deployed from ships to offshore use.

Noteworthy, these booms have larger floatation members ad can handle heavier ballast.

Nearshore booms will be required at base units for near shore use.

Also, these booms have smaller floatation members and lighter weight ballast, suitable for light wind conditions and smaller wave heights.

The last date to response to this RFP is 18th May 2024.

Following are the operational requirements as envisaged in the tender document: 

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