Indian Army develops revolutionary Multi Target Detonation Device

The Indian Army achieved another milestone with the patenting of the Portable Multi Target Detonation Device (WEDC), a groundbreaking innovation.

Notably, the device was developed by Major Rajprasad RS of the Corps of Engineers and patented.

Basically, it is a microprocessor-based electronic system that functions using both wired and wireless modes of firing.

Further, the wired connection enables it to connect with the command and control system, while the wireless mode allows it to be detonated without any wires or electrical connection.

Noteworthy, the WEDC has a long range of 2.5 kilometres, which is significantly longer than the 400-metre range of the previously used Exploder Dynamo Capacitor systems.

This increased range enhances the safety and reliability of the detonation of multiple targets and overcomes the limitations of the previously used system.