KONGSBERG to deliver PROTECTOR remote weapon stations to Sweden and Finland

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) has signed a contract with Patria for the delivery of PROTECTOR remote weapon stations on more than 300 Patria vehicles that the Finnish company is delivering to Sweden and Finland.

Notably, KONGSBERG will deliver its PROTECTOR RS4 weapon stations to Patria’s Common Armoured Vehicle Systems (CAVS), which is a well protected and highly mobile modular 6×6 vehicle.

Also, to be noted that Patria announced on 20 March a contract to deliver 321 such CAVS vehicles to the Swedish armed forces.

Deliveries will begin from 2025 and last into the 2030s.

About PROTECTO Remote Weapon Stations

The PROTECTOR RS4 is designed and built for operation in harsh conditions, with capabilities that allow soldiers to operate from a protected position using stabilized precision optics and laser to observe and detect targets.

Noteworthy, KONGSBERG is the world’s leading provider of Remote Weapon Systems (RWS) and has to date delivered more than 20.000 PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Systems to 28 nations.

Patria and CAVS

The Patria 6×6 vehicle was chosen as the platform for the CAVS collaboration programme between several European countries in 2021. CAVS-related Patria 6×6 deliveries are ongoing to Latvia, Finland and Sweden, and vehicles are in operational use.

Also, Germany joined the programme in April 2023.

Source: https://www.kongsberg.com/newsandmedia/news-archive/2024/Deliver-PROTECTOR-remote-weapon-stations-to-Sweden-and-Finland/