US Air Force completes IOT&E of BAE Systems’ Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System

The US Air Force recently completed Initial Operational Test & Evaluation (IOT&E) of the Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System (EPAWSS), validating the game-changing capabilities BAE Systems’ advanced system brings to the F-15. EPAWSS provides critical electronic warfare (EW) capabilities for the F-15E Strike Eagle and F-15EX Eagle II aircraft.

To be noted that the EPAWSS provides instantaneous full-spectrum EW capabilities—including radar warning, geolocation, situational awareness, and self-protection.

Further, the system enables freedom of maneuver and deeper penetration into battlespaces protected by modern integrated air defense systems.

Noteworthy, BAE Systems supported AFOTEC in executing EPAWSS IOT&E and is now in the process of producing and fielding one of the world’s most advanced EW systems, improving the F-15’s ability to conduct combat missions.

Also, the company is working closely with Boeing and the US Air Force to enhance the system’s discriminating EW capabilities, including the use of cognitive EW as demonstrated during the Northern Edge 2023 (NE23) large force exercise test event.

The NE23 event tested EPAWSS’ ability to rapidly respond to previously unencountered electromagnetic threats.

The tests challenged the system’s ability to process in-mission sensor data, create exquisite techniques, and optimize waveforms in real time.

Furthermore, the NE23 environment challenged the system to execute the tasks in a dense, unpredictable electromagnetic spectrum at a theater-exercise level.

BAE Systems executes the EPAWSS program at its facilities in Nashua, New Hampshire and Austin, Texas, actively producing EPAWSS hardware in support of F-15EX new-aircraft production and F-15E aircraft fleet modifications.

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