DragonFire laser Programme accelerating to equip Royal Navy Ships

The UK DragonFire laser programme – led by MBDA, with partners Leonardo UK and QinetiQ – is accelerating following a decision from the UK Ministry of Defence to install the weapon system on Royal Navy ships.

The decision, announced by Defence Secretary Grant Shapps, will see the DragonFire laser weapon system rapidly develop from a demonstration programme to an operational capability for the Royal Navy.

Notably, the next stages of this development will include further live firings and the manufacture and installation of weapon systems onto Royal Navy platforms.

Noteworthy, the UK DragonFire programme is a flagship example of the Government’s new Integrated Procurement Model, designed to reform defence procurement and drive increased pace in the delivery of military capability.

The UK DragonFire programme brings together the best of UK industry.

It leverages MBDA’s decades of weapon system manufacturing expertise, Leonardo’s position as a world leading authority in laser technology, electro-optics and advanced targeting and QinetiQ’s experience as the only UK company to successfully develop and safely operate high-energy laser sources in the UK and coherent beam-combining technology.

The latest announcement follows a series of highly successful firing trials that demonstrated the capability of the DragonFire laser weapon system.

Worth mentioning that DragonFire has been developed through a £100 million joint investment by industry and the UK Ministry of Defence, working with Dstl.

The decision by the UK Ministry of Defence to progress the programme ensures that the companies involved can retain, maintain and grow the critical hi-tech skills, knowledge and jobs that contribute to the UK economy.

Future exports of DragonFire to the UK’s allies will further support these benefits.

Source: https://www.mbda-systems.com/press-releases/dragonfire-laser-programme-accelerating-to-equip-royal-navy/