The two-day Parivartan Chintan II for jointness & integration of Armed Forces concludes

The two-day “Parivartan Chintan II’ was held in New Delhi on 09 – 10 May 2024 for jointness & integration of Armed Forces, under the chairmanship of the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen Anil Chauhan.

The event was attended by the officers from the three Services Headquarters, Department of Military Affairs, Headquarters Integrated Defence Staff and members of various sub-committees of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC), mandated to oversee the initiatives undertaken and to generate novel ideas to give impetus to the ongoing process of Theaterisation.

Various COSC Sub-Committees gave an update on the progress of initiatives considered imperative for Jointness and Integration.

There was active deliberation on the vital reforms critical towards the fruition of the goals envisioned to achieve the desired “Joint & Integrated” end state towards transformation.

The CDS initiated the ’Chintan’ on both days by addressing various committees.

He emphasized the need for expediting the progress of the initiatives as these were to pave the way to Theaterisation and hence creation of a Multi Domain Response capable Indian Armed Forces.

The CDS expressed confidence that such brainstorming would help the Armed Forces evolve into a theaterized force capable of Multi-Domain Operations and strengthen the resolve and capability to safeguard our territorial integrity and national sovereignty.