4th Phase of General Elections of India records voter turnout of 67.25%

Polling in the fourth phase of General Elections of India recorded an approximate voter turnout of 67.25%.

The same shall continue to be updated by the field level officers as polling parties keep returning and will be available PC wise (along with respective AC segments) live at VTR App, as was the case in earlier phases.

The state wise approximate voter turnout is as below:



State / UT No. PCs Approximate Voter Turnout %
1 Andhra Pradesh 25 76.50
2 Bihar 5 57.06
3 Jammu and Kashmir 1 37.98
4 Jharkhand 4 65.2
5 Madhya Pradesh 8 70.98
6 Maharashtra 11 59.64
7 Odisha 4 73.97
8 Telangana 17 64.74
9 Uttar Pradesh 13 58.05
10 West Bengal 8 78.37
Above 10 States/UTs (96 PCs) 96 67.25

Data displayed here are as per the information being filled in the systems by the field officer.

This is an approximate trend, as data from some polling stations (PS) takes time and this trend does not include Postal Ballot.

Final actual account of votes recorded for each PS is shared in Form 17 C with all Polling agents at close of polls.

Source: https://pib.gov.in/PressReleasePage.aspx?PRID=2020502