Indian Navy issues RFI for Indigenisation of 274 Nos. of Consumable Spares for MH60R helicopters

Indian Navy intends to undertake Indigenisation of 274 by type consumable spares being utilised on MH60R helicopters towards providing life cycle support for the next 25 years through Indigenous sources and have issued a Request for Information (RFI) for the same.

The methodology planned to be adopted for this bulk indigenisation process is as appended below: –

(a) The NSN details of all items proposed for indigenisation with material reference are being provided to the vendors for examining capability to undertake the task.

(b) Stage 1. As part of the development process, the firm selected for progressing the Indigenisation task are required to procure samples (as required) from global market.

Such samples procured with COC certificate for the indicated part number / NSN number to be submitted to Naval QA agency.

FFFT (Form Fit Functional Trial) of these samples will be undertaken by the user unit and a confirmation for progressing indigenisation will be provided to the firm by the QA agency.

Qty 01 sample of each item will be retained at the QA agency for final verification post indigenisation.

Cost incurred towards procurement of such samples can be included as part of the development cost.

(c) Stage 2. Post receipt of confirmation from QA agency, the firm is to progress indigenisation task as per the extant procedure in vogue.

(d) Initial bulk order and inclusion of the firm as OEM for future procurement of items will be included as part of the contract for all items successfully indigenised.

(e) It is to be noted that, at no instance the firm is allowed to procure bulk quantity and supply the items in lieu of progressing indigenisation.

Detailed steps involved in Indigenous development of the spares including documentation requirement at each stage is placed at Enclosure I for reference.

The complete list of 274 by type items have been subdivided in to 95 by type Flight Critical (FC) spares and 179 by type Non-flight Critical (NFC) spares.

These lists are further subdivided into groups containing items of similar category and material specification.

The list of items have been subdivided into various groups to ensure economy of effort in progressing indigenisation of multiple items concurrently which fall under similar category and material specification.

Details of FC and NFC items (subdivided into multiple groups) with reference material specification placed at Enclosures II and III respectively.

Tendering guidelines. Each group of item as indicated above will be considered as a line item for the purpose of tendering. Further, it is intended to tender the project on 2-bid system on OTE basis.

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