North Korea informs Japan of a plan to launch military spy satellite

Japan have said that North Korea has informed it of a plan to launch a satellite by June 3, 2024.

Japan’s coast guard said it has been notified by North Korea about its planned launch of a “satellite rocket” beginning Monday through midnight June 3.

The launch plan likely refers to the North’s efforts to launch its second military spy satellite into space.

South Korea’s military said Friday it detected signs that North Korea is engaging in activities believed to be preparations to launch a spy satellite at its main Tongchangri launch facility in the northwest.

Last November, North Korea sent its first military reconnaissance satellite into orbit as part of its efforts to build a space-based surveillance network to deal with what it calls US-led military threats.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un later told a key governing party meeting that the country would launch three additional military spy satellites in 2024.

The UN bans North Korea from conducting satellite launches, considering that a disguised test of its long-range missile technology.

The North’s November satellite launch deepened tensions on the Korean Peninsula, with both Koreas taking steps to breach their 2018 agreement to reduce military tensions.