RFI, Fast Interceptor Craft – Indigenous (FIC-I), Indian Navy (21 Dec 2022)

Issue Date: 21 Dec 2022        |        Response Date: 15 Feb 2023

The aim of the RFI to finalize the specifications of the Fast Interceptor (FICs-I), to meet the #IndianNavy requirements.

Fast Interceptor (FICs-I) are required to:

  • Escort high value units, such as Aircraft Carriers, Tankers, Cruisers, Destroyers, Frigates, Submarines etc while entering or leaving harbor.
  • Carryout water front patrolling of coastal areas including harbor infrastructure such as the command Headquarters, Naval bases, Naval dockyards, Break waters, Naval jetties etc.
  • Carry out Sea front patrolling of coast lines of major metro cities such as Mumbai, Chennai etc.