AoN – High Mobility Vehicle 6X6 Gun Towing Vehicles (GTV), Indian Army (8 Dec 2022)

Issue Date: 8 Dec 2022       |        Response Date: 18 Dec 2022

#IndianArmy issued Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) for procurement of GTV 6×6 has been accorded by the Competent Authority as per details given below :-

(a) Quantitv. Approximately 252 (Two Hundred Fifty Two only).

(b) Cateqorv. ‘Buy (lndian)’ in accordance with Chapter-V of DAP -2020.

GTV 6×6 is a High Mobility vehicles to tow 155mm #Artillery #Guns and Air Defence #Radars. The GTVs 6×6 should be able to tow a 20 Ton Gun/Radar.