EOI for Development of Flame Photometry Based Handheld four channel detector for the detection of chemical #warfare Agents, Department of Defence Research and Development (02-Nov-2022)

Issue Date: 02-Nov-2022       |        Response Date: 30-Nov-2022

The system should have following specifications:

  1. Should be compact, ruggedized and handheld chemical detection system.
  2. Should be able to provide warning by giving audio and visual alert.
  3. Should be capable of detecting CWA and TIMs
  4. Should have weight ≤3 Kg
  5. Should have response time ≤60 seconds
  6. Should have recovery time ≤180 seconds
  7. Should be continuous operation for 6 hrs with rechargeable battery hydrogen stocker.
  8. Should be able to transfer the data through Cable.