RFI for High Power HF Broadcast Transmission System

Issue Date: 03-Nov-2022

Response Date: 29-Dec-2022

Issued by: Indian Navy 

Brief Details: The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure an approximate quantity of 50 advanced High Power HF Broadcast Transmission System (HPHBTS) with accessories along with antennae system and remote keying facility towards replacement/ modernizing existing HF Broadcast Transmitting Stations (TS) at various locations to provide long range and reliable HF Broadcast communication in Navy.

The modernization of existing Transmitting Stations with advanced HPHBTS systems is aimed to enhance the capabilities of existing Transmitting Stations to provide worldwide, higher data rates and robust HF digital broadcast communication for naval units afloat and ashore.

The envisaged capabilities of the system to include remote operations wherein keying of Morse (CW) and data communication would be done from Broadcast Controlling Stations over naval terrestrial, Satcom or wireless network using Transmitters and Antennae at Transmitting Stations.

General Description

The HPHBTS System should be software defined transmitter system for data and voice transmissions.

The HPHBTS will generally consist of the high power HF Tx, Remote keying facility, antennae system, HF interface unit and power supply unit.

Radio should consist of latest state of the art SDR technology, ALE 2G/3G with high speed data waveforms compatible with HD VLF-HF Receivers used by Navy for broadcast reception.

The System should be modular in design to facilitate quick trouble shooting, repairs and up-gradation. The system should be ruggedized to meet the rigour of the operating environment meeting the requisite standards of EMI/ EMC compliance.