Post AoN Information for Procurement of Hand-Held Radio Sets

Issue Date: 28 Dec 2022

Response Date: 27 Jan 2023

Issued By: Indian Army

Brief Details: The Ministry of Defence has issued Post AoN Information for Procurement of 52000 Hand-Held Radio Sets, 2600 Base Stations, 1040 Repeater for the Indian Army under the ‘Buy (Indian)’ category as per provision of Chapter V of DAP 2020.

Hand Held Radio Sets (HHRS), Digital Base Stations and Digital Repeater Stations based on DMR Tier II are envisaged to be light-weight, ergonomic and easy to handle.

HHRS sets will be supported in both Analog and Digital Operations with industrial grade secrecy of AES 256 encryption. System will have a provision to support third party encryption.

The system will be capable of providing seamless communication in an IP repeater network. HHRS will be capable of sending Short Messages from Keypad and Pre-defined Messages list. HHRS system will support GPS tracking and GIS mapping. #IndianArmy