Request for Technical and Commercial Proposal for High Mobility Reconnaissance Vehicle

Issue Date: 26 Dec 2022

Response Date: 16 Jan 2023

Issued For: Indian Army

Brief Details: The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure Quantity Ninety One (91) High Mobility Reconnaissance Vehicle and seeks participation in the procurement process from prospective Bidders for the Indian Army.

The High Mobility Reconnaissance Vehicle (HMRV) will be employed for Recce & Surveillance tasks. HMRV should possess adequate mobility and provide protection for troops on board.

In addition, it should be able to carry the battle loads to include weapons, ammunition, surveillance and communication equipment required to carry out mandated operational tasks. HMRV should be a 4×4 Right Hand drive vehicle with all around protection.

It should have a provision to integrate surveillance equipment and a weapon mount (mounted on a hatch/ cupola with 360° traversing capability) for bringing down effective fire.

The service life of vehicle should not be less than 10 years/ 1,00,000 km. The Seating Capacity should be not less than 4 including driver.