RFP, Indigenous development of HV Transformer of GW System, Indian Air Force             

Issue Date: 10-Nov-2022     |        Response Date: 21-Dec-2022

#IndianAirForce invites tender for “Indigenous development of HV Transformer of GW System“ Since this is #indigenisation & Development project, only manufacturers are permitted to participate. Distributors/ Dealers, Facilitators, importers are not eligible to participate.

The L1 (lowest bidder) will be determined with reference to the Development Cost + Cost of Prototypes + Initial Order Cost. Vendor may include the cost of training in Development cost only.

Post successful development of HV #TRANSFORMER of GW SYSTEM, the Delivery Period for any future requirement will be 120 Days for every component.

Each winding of transformer should be insulated with high quality of insulating material (Teflon). So there should be no insulation breakdown. Core of transformer should be laminated perfectly to avoid eddy current loss. There should be no humming sound in transformer. The impedance of transformer should be perfectly matched with load. The load of transformer is not pure resistive it is combination of capacitive and inductive load. Sudden and jerky rise of HV will not be accepted. It should be rise smoothly to full value within 3 to 5 sec. No load output of HV transformer is not known, the supplier requested to do reserve engineering to find out the no load output. Functional checks will be carried out after receipt of item with the help of MM as well fitment in online equipment.