RFP, NVG Compatible Helipad Marking Light, Indian Army

Issue Date: 03-Nov-2022     |        Response Date: 11-Nov-2022

Headquarters Northers Comd is desirous to procurement of NVG Compatible Helipad Marking Light.

  • It should have visible light and #infrared mode compatible for use with Night Vision #Goggles .
  • Visibility should be minimum 10 km in visual mode and 5 km NVG mode VFR (Visual Flight Rules) condition when viewed with Night Vision Goggles
  • It should be rain proof.
  • It should be easy to fix on ground.
  • It should be omni directional.
  • It should withstand full rotor down wash of a medium lift helicopter (10-12 ton) with anchoring.
  • It should have provision for steady mode and flashing mode by means of a switch and flash rate should be not less than 30 flashes per minute.
  • It should have a rechargeable battery and once the battery is fully charged the light should be capable to provide minimum 8 hours of continuous operation steady mode in both visible light and NVG mode.
  • The light should be made of military rugged material suitable for all weather use.
  • Warranty should be provided for 02 years.