RFP, #Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS) for AEW and C Mk-II #Aircraft, Department of Defence Research and Development

Issue Date 30-Dec-2022       |     Response Date: 09-Jan-2023

Development of Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS) for AEW&C Mk-II Aircraft, required quantity is 1 set.

The scope of work involves the Joint Development and realization of MAWS for AEW&C MK-II, which includes development of Prototype unit, ESS and QT units as given below:

  • Prototype MAWS – 1 set
  • MAWS QT unit – 1 set
  • ESS qualified MAWS – 5 sets
  • ESS qualified MAWS (Rig & Spare) – 2 sets
  • Specifications/ Drawings (attached at brief specification and scope of work) Specifications/Drawings will be made available to the interested bidders by the RFP issuing authority.Specifications/Drawings supplied by this office are to be returned with Techno-Commercial Bid.
  • Document will be made available after signing of Non Disclosure Agreement [NDA] with the buyer.