RFP, Advanced Armoured platform Tracked (AAP-Tr) and Wheeled (AAP-Wh), DRDO

Issue Date: 28 Jan 2023      |      Response Date: 06 Mar 2023

Department of Defence Research and Development issued tender for Development of Advanced #Armoured platform #Tracked (AAP-Tr) and #Wheeled (AAP-Wh) – Qty 2 Nos each. The buyer reserves the right to apportion the quantity among 2 bidders in the ratio of 50:50 starting from Lowest Bidder (L1) and proceeding to next higher bidder and so on subject to their consent to meet the L1’s rates as well as terms and conditions, as negotiated. If none of other bidder agree to match the negotiated rates and terms and conditions of L1, except duties and taxes, then the order may be placed on L1 for full quantity. The bidders are requested to submit the price bid catering to the need for apportioned quantity as well as total quantity, else the unit cost of the store(s) for total quantity will be considered for the apportioned quantity while evaluating the bid.