Indian Army issues fresh RFI for 155mm/52 caliber towed gun system

The Indian Army has come out with a new Request for Information (RFI) to acquire 155mm/52 calibre towed gun system.

With a view to identify potential Indian vendors who can undertake the project, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)/ Suppliers are asked to send information on the products they can offer.

The RFI, which was issued on 19th December, 2022 specifies that the gun system’s weight should be less than 15 tonnes if possible.

Further, the RFI envisages that gun system will be employed in plains, deserts and mountains up to 5000 metres (16,500 feet), desert and semi-desert terrain for artillery operations.

The systems should fire all in-service ammunition and should have the capability to operate on existing roads and track networks at India’s northern and western borders.

The guns must be equipped with a global positioning system (GPS) and inertial navigation-based sight system with the capability to orient and fix the location of the system. The fire-control system (FCS) should also provide an optical sight for indirect firing day and night.