RFI for Hand Held Light Weight Laser Range Finder

Issue Date: 23-Feb-2023

Response Date: 04-Mar-2023

For Defence Service:  Indian Army

Brief Details: The MoD has issued a RFI for the procurement of Hand Held Laser Range Finder for the Indian Army.

These are to be used for calculating the exact range of a target.

The accuracy of the range calculated by the LRF is of great importance to a Sniper as even a small correction of ± 2 m can also bring in substantial difference in the engagement data and in turn result in missing the hit on the target, at ranges beyond 1000 m.

A light weight, accurate and True Ballistic Range LRF will augment the capability of modern .338 Cal and .50 Cal Sniper Rifles present with SF units of the northern command, Indian Army.