Indian Navy issues RFI for procurement of one Technical Support Craft

The Indian Navy is planning to procure one Technical Support Craft (TSC) from registered Indian Shipyards, and have come out with a Request for Information (RFI) for the same. The procurement of the Vessel will be as per DAP 20, and accordingly shipyards are required to submit the details regarding Indigenous Content (IC). The categorisation for the procurement is intended to be under Buy (Indian – IDDM). The last date of acceptance of filled RFI response is 09 May 23.

Operational/Technical Specifications for Technical Support Craft

Aim: The Vessel shall be capable to enhance time on task of yard personnel by ferrying them between Naval Dockyard (ND) and Ships at Anchorage or Outer Harbour.


(a) Ferrying of 100-yard personnel along with their tools, equipment, machinery and spares between Dockyard and Ships at Anchorage or Outer Harbour, to increase the Time on Task of ND Workforce.

(b) To undertake repairs and overhaul

(c) Ferrying of stores between Dockyard and Ships at Anchorage or Outer Harbour


(a) Maximum speed – More than 12 kn upto 85% (Maximum Continuous Rating (MCR)).

(b) Economical – More than 10 kn.

Dimensions: The principal dimensions of the Vessel should be as follows:-

(a) Length – 50m +/- 5%

(b) Breadth – As per design.

(c) Displacement – Not Less than 420T.

Draught: Not More Than (NMT) 2.5 Mtrs.

Endurance: 100 nm at speed of 10 kn with 25% reserve fuel capacity.

Sea Worthiness:

(a) Safety and operability of crew and machinery upto Sea State 4 at all headings.

(b) Survivability of the Vessel upto Sea State 5.

(c) Ability to be towed upto Sea State 4.

(d) Vessel should be able to come alongside another

bigger ship at anchorage up to sea state 4.

Crew: Should be manned by the following qualified civilian crew:-

(a) One Master.

(b) Two Engineers working in two shifts.

(c) 22 Deck and Engine Room/Electrical Crew divided in two shifts.