RFP for Conversion of Brahmos type of a Missile into Target

Issue Date: 18-Mar-2023        |     Response Date: 23-Mar-2023

Issued By: Indian Navy  

Brief Details: The Fleet Maintenance Unit of Indian Navy has a requirement for conversion of Brahmos type ‘A’ missile into target towards which the combat warhead is required to be converted to inert warhead.

The Scope of Work (SoW) of the contract is for conversion of Brahmos type ‘A’ missile into target. Details of scope of work is as follows: –

(a) Testing of the article prior to dispatch will be undertaken by IN at TP. Results will be forwarded along with the article.

(b) Transportation of Article from Navy TP to BAPL Nagpur with IN escort.

(c) Testing of Article for determining the health of Article and acceptance Ex-Works BAPL.

(d) On positive results partially de-canisterize the article and dismantle up to F2-F3 joint.

(e) Removal of Warhead and SAM to make it safe for mounting of inert warhead (inert warhead to be supplied by BAPL duly cleared by MSQAA).

(f) Integrate the article as per tech process. Seeker to be removed only from pass-port data. The missile to be fitted with Inert Warhead to be accepted by BAPL at Ex-Works BAPL Nagpur/ Hyderabad and the inert Warhead fitted missile to be delivered by BAPL to the end user Ex-works BAPL Nagpur/ Hyderabad. BAPL to provide trans-portation and bear the transportation cost.

(g) For final delivery, transportation of missile from BAPL Nagpur/ Hyderabad to TP, with IN escort.

(h) Conduct of PDI at BAPL Nagpur/Hyderabad and JRI at TP as per established practise.

(j) Certain consumables such as O-rings, washers, standard parts etc. to undergo mandatory replacement and large amount of chemicals will also be consumed as part of standard integration process.