RFP/Tender for Konkurs-M Missiles from Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), Issued by Indian Army           

Issued Date: 31-Mar-2023     |    Response Date: 20-Apr-2023

Online tenders on the www.defproc.gov.in are invited by the Master General Sustenance Branch for and on behalf of the President of India for the supply of the following stores.

No.of Konkurs-M Missiles Required – 400 nos.


(a) A vendor or seller as defined in Para 1.4.21 of DPM 2009 who is registered for this item or similar range of products/goods with Central Purchase Organisation or DGQA would be eligible to bid. Registration of the firm must be valid on the date of opening of technical bids. In case firm is not registered for this particular store than firm has to apply with DGQA as per Annexure to Appendix ‘F’ of JSG:015:03-2007 for inclusion of store in the existing list of item.

(b) An unregistered firm/vendor may also participate in tender process if it can supply the product as per technical specification and meets the laid down technical parameters detailed in the RFP. However, in all such cases before opening the commercial bid of such firm, assessment of capability of the firm by procuring/ registering agency would be mandatory. This capability verification will, however, not amount to automatic registration of the firm by the registering authority. To avoid procedural delay in capacity assessment with DGQA firm has to apply as per appendix ‘K’ of guide JSG:015:03:2007 for competency assessment of a particular item.