DGCA Approves Modification for Hindustan-228 Aircraft

 A new variant of HAL aircraft ‘Hindustan-228 -201 LW’ has been approved by the DGCA.
This variant has maximum take-off weight of 5695 kgs with 19 passenger capability. With this modification, the aircraft would fall in the Sub 5700 kg aircraft category. This variant provides several operational benefits for operators such as reduced pilot qualification requirement enabling pilots with Commercial Pilot License to fly the aircraft, enhanced availability of pilot pool for the aircraft and reduced operational cost. In addition, the new variant will result in reduced training requirement for flying and ground crew including aircraft maintenance engineers.
HAL also has approval for 6200 Kgs AUW with 19 passenger capability.

About Hindustan-228 The 19 seater HAL – DO – 228 aircraft is a highly versatile multi-purpose light transport aircraft. It has been developed specifically to meet the manifold requirements of utility and commuter transport, third level services and air-taxi operations, coast guard duties and maritime surveillance.

Pax seats: 19 Engine Model: Garrett TPE 331-5-252D
Length: 7.08 m Take-off power: 2 x 715 SHP flat rated to ISA + 18oC
Width: 1.35 m Propeller type: Hartzell four-bladed
Height: 1.55 m Propeller diameter: 2.69 m
Cargo door: 1.60m x 1.34 m Fuel capacity: 2850 ltrs (2250 kg)
Passenger door: 1.34m x 0.64 m Fuel consumption: 213 kg/hr
External Dimensions Baggage Compartments
Wing span:16.97 m Volume(m3)(Front): 0.89
Overall length:16.56 m Volume(m3)(AFT):  2.60
Overall height:4.86 m Max load (kg)(Front):120
  Max load (kg)(AFT): 210

Weights Performance (short take-off and landing capabilities )
Max. Take off Weight( Maritime role): 6400 kg Max cruise speed: 428 km/hr
Max. Take off Weight( Commuter role): 6200 kg Max range speed: 333 km/hr
Max Landing Weight : 6100 kg Rate of climb: 9.7 m/s
Max Zero fuel Weight: 5590 kg  
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Troop Transport
  • Aerial Survey
  • Search and Rescue
  • Commuter Transport
  • Calibration of airport NAV-COM Aids
  • Remote Sensing Applications
  • Causality Evacuation
  • Executive Transport
  • Cargo & Logistics Support

Source: https://hal-india.co.in/Product_Details.aspx?Mkey=54&lKey=&CKey=23