Extended Range Anti-Submarine Rocket (ER-ASR) successfully test-fired from INS Chennai

The Extended Range Anti-Submarine-Rocket (ER-ASR), developed by ARDE-in association with the High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) has been successfully test-fired for the first time from Indian Navy’s guided missile destroyer INS Chennai. It is designed to intercept submarines at specific depths.

The performance of the rocket system was evaluated at the short range of 2.7 kilometers and in long range mode at 8.5 kilometers. The trajectory of rockets was tracked by onboard radar and telemetry systems. The underwater blast effect of the warhead was confirmed by the onboard sonar system.

The rocket system will be deployed in anti-submarine operations and will be fired from an indigenized rocket launcher mounted onboard various Indian naval ships. ER-ASR can be fired in single or in salvo mode depending on the tactical mission requirements.

Further, ER-ASR has been designed to replace the existing Russian origin Rocket Guided Bombs (RGBs) which are already fitted in various naval ships. While the RGB has a range of 5 kilometers, the ERASR can achieve a range over 8 kilometers.

ER-ASR consists of two motor propulsion systems which can fire the rocket in Short Range mode and Long Range mode to achieve different range capabilities from 500 m to 8900m.

Image Source: https://www.drdo.gov.in/technology-cluster-links/labs-products-detail/2644/174