RFP / Tender for Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) (Main), Issued by Indian Army

Issue Date: 05-Apr-2023     |      Response Date: 26-Apr-2023

The Indian Army has issued a RFP/Tender for Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) (Main). The list of items required are as follows:

(a) Differential Global Positioning System GPS (Main) – quantity 1499 Nos

(b) Other accessories with ESP – As per specifications given in Para 27 to 36 of Part IV of this RFP.

All main hardware and software components should be of same OEM only to ensure proper support. The COTS Parameters and Recommended Specifications of the Differential Global Positioning System (Main) are as listed below:-

Constellation and Frequency

(a) GPS.


(c) Galileo.

(d) SBAS (Gagan).

(e) NavIC (IRNSS).

(f) Provisions for DSM : The software be designed to permit loading of the following parameters by the user :-

(i) Grid System. Lambert Conformal Conic (LCC) with GRS 80 ellipsoid & WGS 84 datum. (Ellipsoid/Datum-GRS80/WGS 84)

(ii) Grid Zones. 132 LCC Zones (each Zone has two standards parallel).

(iii) In addition to above

(aa) Centre Meridian (Origin of Longitude)

(ab) Origin of Longitude.

(ac) False Easting.

(ad) False Northing.

(ae) Standard Parallel 1.

(af) Standard Parallel 2.

(ag) All Map related user interface to include a tab i.e., ‘DSM’ with zone numbering from series 1 (A to L) to 12 (A to L) i.e., 132 zones.