RFP, Joint Development of High Endurance #Drone with Illumination Capability to Enhance Security of Shore Establishment, Indian #Navy

Issued Date: 21 April 2023   |   Response Date: 12 May 2023  

This Establishment intends to undertaking the “Joint Development of High Endurance Drone with Illumination Capability to Enhance Security of Shore Establishments”. To facilitate the seamless surveillance of Naval Bases the UAV must have the following capabilities:

  • Endurance up to 120-180 Min.
  • Weight of the drone should not exceed 25 kgs and Size should not be greater than 3ft x 3ft (Quadcopter configuration).
  • Ruggedized design and body frame.
  • Provision of reliable ground control system and data link system.

UAV must be integrated with the following sub systems:

(a) Smart LED lights with lumens ranging from 10,000 to 1,00,000.

(b) The illumination system should have an endurance of minimum 45 Min with lumens control option.

(c) Provision of high-resolution camera with minimum resolution 4K capable of shooting 1080p for live video relay up to distance of 10 KM. The camera should be a night and day camera with thermal feature enabled.

(d) Provision of public address system (Audio Broadcast) audible up to 2KM.