Pakistan to get Mi-17 Helicopter Engines & Spare Parts from Ukaraine

Ukraine will be supplying Mi-17 helicopter engines and spare parts to Pakistan as a sign of their enhanced defense partnership. These mentioned items to be transferred under the $1.5 Million deal will be supplied by Ukrainian defense firm Motor Sich JSC.

The agreement seems to be is Ukraine’s display of gratitude to Islamabad for sending weapons and equipment in lieu of Pakistan’s regular supply of defence equipment and tanks to Ukraine via European states. Among the items delivered by Islamabad through Poland were Anza Mark-II man portable air defense system.

Worth mentioning, Ukraine and Pakistan have had close military and industrial ties since the 1990s. And in the last 30 years, the arms trade between them has reached $1.6 billion.

In the recent years, Pakistan had purchased more than 320 Ukrainian T-80UD tanks in service with a fully formed ecosystem for their upkeep, use, ammunition and spare parts.

Besides Ukraine along with Pakistan and China had teamed up in the past to share missile technology among themselves; the details of which are not much known.

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