European Union to provide over $1 Bn assistance measure to Ukraine

The European Union (EU) has committed an assistance measure worth €1 billion under the European Peace Facility (EPF) that will further contribute to strengthening the capabilities and resilience of Ukraine in the latter’s ongoing conflict with Russia.

The assistance measure will finance the provision to the Ukrainian Armed Forces of 155-mm-calibre artillery rounds and, if requested, missiles which will be jointly procured by EU member states from the European defence industry.

The measure will support joint procurement of ammunition and missiles from economic operators established in the EU or Norway, and producing these ammunition and missiles in the EU or Norway.

The supply chains of these operators may include operators established or having their production outside of the EU or Norway. The measure will also cover deliveries of ammunition and missiles which have undergone an important stage of their manufacturing in the EU or Norway which consists of final assembly.

To be eligible for EPF reimbursement, procurement contracts or purchase orders will need to be concluded before 30 September 2023 in the context of an existing European Defence Agency (EDA) project or through complementary joint acquisition projects led by a member state.