US Coast Guard starts training of Indian Coast Guard officers

The US Coast Guard have begun with a 12-day maritime advanced boarding officers’ course for Indian Coast Guard officers.

The training which started on 1st May 2023, is being held at the Indian Coast Guard Air Station in Chennai.

The training that is being conducted by the United States Mobile Training Team (USMTT) of the US Coast Guard comprises theory and practical of boarding operations onboard Indian Coast Guard (ICG) ships and fishing vessels.

Twenty-four (24) ICG officers drawn from the five regional commands of the Indian Coast Guard are undergoing the training.

The main objective of this course is to provide value addition skills, techniques and knowledge essential for safe and precise boarding operations to the young officers, according to a press release.

The Indian Coast Guard ensures exhaustive training of all personnel detailed for the boarding team. The training includes various boarding procedures personal conditioning, weapons proficiency, and safety.

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