RFI for Maritime Craft with integral UAVs

Issue Date: 25-May-2023

Response Date: 24-Jul-2023

Issued By: Indian Navy

The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure 10 (Ten) ‘Special Operations Assault Craft (SOAC)’ for Indian Navy with sufficient integral fire power and ISR capability for conduct of Special Operations at sea and in shallow waters.

The SOAC is envisaged for IN Special Operations role at sea and in shallow waters. The craft will have adequate bulletproof protection for crew and integral armaments to provide fire support to other crafts/ teams. The craft will have ISR capability in maritime domain with integral Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

Important Parameters:

(a) SOAC would have waterjet propulsion (preferably) to support craft operation as per envisaged operational parameters.

(b) The craft is envisaged to be made of composite carbon fiber material.

(c) The craft design is envisaged to be based on design of Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC). It will have:-

(i) An enclosed cabin with NIJ III (option of NIJ IVA) level bulletproof protection.

(ii) An open deck layout in the rear section.

(d) The integrated control station in the enclosed cabin would comprise of various control panels (machinery, navigation, communication, surveillance and weapon firing control) co-located to facilitate smooth command and control from a centralised location.

(e) The SOAC would be provided with two types of integral Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) to have robust ISR capability in maritime domain.

(f) The aspect of integration with existing armaments/ sensors in IN inventory would have to be factored at the design stage itself.

(g) A Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) for SOAC and integral UAS covering period of entire operational life would be factored in the contract.