RFP, Next Generation Sighting Systems for Futuristic AFVs, DRDO

Issue Date: 25-May-2023      |      Response Date: 15-Jun-2023

The scope of the work includes the following:

  1. System Design and Development:
  2. Architecting of “Next Generation Sighting Systems” configuration as per Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA).
  3. Designing and Development of “Next Generation Sighting Systems” as per specifications.
  4. System Integration and Evaluation:
  5. Testing & Integration of Next Generation Sighting Systems.

The following systems are required to be tested & integrated.

(i)Next Generation Gunner’s Main Sight with FCC & DMRS (NG-GMS)

(ii) Next Generation Commander’s Panoramic Sight (NG-CPS)

(iii) Next Generation Driver’s Night Sight System (NG-DNS)

  1. Performance tests of systems as per Acceptance Test procedure.
  2. Qualification Testing of Systems as per specifications.
  3. Development of the Test Equipments, Tests Setups, Test Jigs and Simulators.