Artificial Intelligence and the Indian Defence Sector

It is a well-known fact that Armed Forces that are better equipped with higher technologies have always and will continue to have an upper hand. Further, technology also has a great deterrent value, hence, even at times can help in averting wars with least damage and costs.

Moreover, the future wars will be a ‘Non-Contact War (NCW)’ involving minimum manpower or physical contact of Forces and to this aspect development of ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’ is fast gaining importance.

Over the years AI has been leading and have become the most popular disruptive technologies of the current era that has and will continue to have major impact on military in the coming years. This is because, the Artificial Intelligence-enabled platforms or military devices not only can destroy enemy establishments without human control, but also are capable of handling large amounts of data efficiently.

Besides. it is also proving to be very helpful in training the soldiers.

Rather, a significant portion of the investment is being spent on AI enabled platforms in defence across countries including of United States, Russia, China, France, and Japan.

As for India, it has also started investing hugely In Artificial Intelligence in the Defence sector, and has started development of weapons/systems keeping in mind the crucial role AI can play in future warfare.

The Indian Armed Forces especially Army has already initiated with the adoption of technology based on AI that is expected to enhance their operational preparedness. Besides, it will also place India firmly in the huge defence product market.

Rather, the joint effort among industry both public and private, research organisations, academic institutions, start-ups and innovators has helped create many unique technological products based on AI in the areas of data, logistics, surveillance, weapons and many more. Refer image.

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