RFP for mR10 (Combat) Drone and mR10x8 (Combat) Drone

Issue Date: 30-May-2023

Response Date: 20-Jun-2023

Issued By: National Security Guard

Brief Details: The National Security Guard (NSG) has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the acquisition of 01 No x mR’10 (Combat) Drone and 01 No x mR10x8 (Combat) Drone along with 10 Nos Warheads and accessories as per details mentioned in Schedule of requirement (Chapter-Vl)

List of Accessories with each UAV:

(i) Spare Propellers Set > Clockwise + Counter Clockwise – 01 No

(ii) UAV Battery Charger – 01l No

(iii) Battery Charqinq Cable – 01 No

(iv) GCS Battery Charqer – 01 No

(v) Loctite – 01 No

(vi) Allen Key – 01 No

(vii) Microfibre Cloth – 01 No