Tender for LVCMOS, Frequency Synthesizer Modules & Other Items

Issue Date: 2 June 2023

Response Date: 19 June 2023

Issued By: ISRO

Brief Details: On behalf of the President of India, Sr. Head, Purchase & Stores, U R Rao Satellite Centre [URSC] have issued a global tender for supply of the following:-

  1. LVCMOS – 72 MHz – URSC/HS/CMMA/2023-000-397 (Tender Reference)
  2. LVCMOS Crystal Clock Oscillator – 72 MHz – URSC/HS/CMMA/2023-000-397 (Tender Reference)
  3. 2–way and 4–way Power Dividers/Combiner – URSC/CE/ICA/2022-00-1293 (Tender Reference)
  4. Frequency Synthesizer Modules- Two types – URSC/CE/ICA/2022-00-1649 (Tender Reference)
  5. RF Electromechanical Coaxial Switches – URSC/CE/ICA/2022-00-1739 (Tender Reference)

The last date for the submission of tender is 19.06.2023 

Interested Tenderers having valid Digital Signature Certificate [DSC] may login to https://eproc.isro.gov.in and submit Offers online. No Tender fees applicable.