CNES, ISRO Foster Collaboration and Innovation in Space Arena

The French Space Agency, CNES and ISRO held a meeting on 6th June 2023 at ISRO Headquarters in Bengaluru.

The delegation was led in CNES side by the President Mr. Philippe Baptiste & in ISRO side by Chairman Shri Somanath S.

The meeting was aimed to explore potential areas of collaboration, share knowledge, and foster innovation in the field of space science and technology.

The teams enthusiastically recollected six decades of collaboration between ISRO & CNES and emphasised their deep committeemen to carry it forward and address the challenges and opportunities in the present space ecosystem.

Ongoing and potential co-operations in human spaceflight, earth observation, space-based navigation, space situational awareness, propulsion technologies and the development of ground stations were discussed.

The two agencies recognized the value of pooling resources, expertise, and infrastructure to accelerate progress. The evolution of space-based studies on climate monitoring and the involvement of all the space agencies for assimilation and analysis of the data was contemplated.

ISRO Chairman shared the re-defined mandate of ISRO to enable private players to accomplish operations missions while investing itself in basic research & development.

He briefed on the positive outcomes emerging from Space sector reforms and the call upon increased participation of industries in France and the key role NSIL will play in this.

Further, he invited his counterpart and French industrialists for the G20 SELM scheduled in Bengaluru during next month.