Indigenous development of 07 types of upgrade spares of Engine System MiG-29 Aircraft

Issue Date: 10-Jun-2023

Response Date: 27-Jul-2023

Service: Indian Air Force

The depot requires indigenous development of under mentioned items, for the Quantity mentioned below

SL NO      GiG No.                   Part No                   Description                            Prototype Qty       Initial Order Quantity

1              1395889                   BPK-88.01              A6 PCB                                   02                              02

2              1395891                   BPK.88.03               A2 PCB                                    02                             01

3              1444259                  BPK88.04                A3 PCB DEVICE                      02                            02

4              1444262                  BPK88.06                A5 PCB DEVICE                      02                            02

5              1444263                  BPK-88.07               A9 PCB DEVICE                      02                            03

6              1444264                  BPK-88.08               A7 PCB DEVICE                      02                            02

7              1444266                  UP-40KM                POWER SUPPLY MODULE    02                           03


Note:- DO/SO will be placed on the selected vendor for development of required number of prototypes and for initial order quantity as specified in the RFP. However the initial order quantity would be developed only after go ahead is given in writing by the indigenisation agency after successful development and testing of prototypes sample and issue of Local Certification / Provisional Clearance.

Technical Details: The sample is available at this Depot which can be studied any time between 0730 hrs to 1400hrs on all working days (MON–FRI) till the date of submission of bids. The remaining details are required to be generated as part of the development process.