RFP, Turnkey Detailed Design and Production Support for Construction of 6Nos Hybrid Catamaran Vessels for IWAI to be constructed by HCSL

Issue Date: 22-Jun-2023

Response Date: 13-Jul-2023

Service: HCSL

 Hooghly Cochin Shipyard Limited (HCSL) is intended to identify a trustful design partner who would be working as an extended arm of HCSL for supply of Manpower for carrying out Detail Designing for Machinery & Piping, Outfit and Electrical for 6 Nos Hybrid Catamaran Vessels. Detail designing will be carrying out at Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL), Kochi premises.

Catamarans will be designed & built as Inland vessel as per IV rules 2022 or its latest amendment as applicable.

Main Particulars of the Catamaran are below: –

  • Length (Overall) : 24.8 m appx
  • Breadth (Overall) : about 6.4 m
  • Breadth of Demi Hull : 2.0 m appx
  • Draught (Max.) : 0.9 m
  • Air draft (Max.) : 4.3 m
  • Propulsion : 2-Electric motor, driven with battery power and\1-Diesel generator for hybrid & emergency operation
  • Economic Speed : 7 knots
  • Speed (hybrid) : 9 knots
  • Endurance (Battery) : 75 mins in calm weather without current (@7knots), 120 mins in calm weather without current (hybrid mode (@7knots)
  • Passenger Carrying Capacity: 50 (Seating 48 seating + 2-wheel chair)
  • Complement : 4 (As per IV rule 2022)


HCSL shall provide work space and access to the 3D Hull & TRIBON 3D-Structure model at Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL), Cochin. The designer (contractor) to provide Desktops/Laptops to their employees working in CSL. The Desktops/Laptops shall compactable to TRIBON 3D Model software. CSL will make necessary arrangement to provide access to TRIBON 3D-Structure model. Other design related software (Autocad, Microsoft office, Adobe Acrobat, etc..) to be provided by the designer (contractor). During the execution of work, if the designer wants to visit HCSL, Howrah (Project Site), the cost for the same shall be catered by the designer only.

HCSL shall provide the necessary inputs in the form of soft drawings/standards and also shall provide all inputs as deemed necessary for carrying out the production design in a progressive manner.

In case of binding data from OEM is not available during the production design as per schedule, HCSL shall provide probable supplier data and the Designer shall execute the production design using the same for reservation of space in the 3D models. On availability of the binding data from the OEM, HCSL shall furnish the same to the Designer for implementation in production design for subsequent generation of drawings without any additional cost to HCSL. Major equipment’s under consideration shall be shared during initial phases for smooth execution of work.

The inputs required for the project to be handed over by HCSL to Designer are as listed below:
– OEM(Equipment) binding drawing.
– CSL/HCSL standards to be followed for 3D modelling and production drawings for Outfit and for hull production drawings.