RFP, Passive Night Vision Monocular with Accessories

Issue Date: 26-Jun-2023

Response Date: 28-Jul-2023

For Defence Service: National Security Guard (NSG)

Brief Details: The NSG has issued a tender/ RFP for the procurement of 100 Nos. of Passive Night Vision Monocular with Accessories.

Some of the key details mentioned in the RFP are as under :-

Only eligible firms whose bids are found responsive bid and completed in all respect as per tender enquiry published will be called for technical evaluation cum trial.

A Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) will be constituted by purchaser for technical evaluation of technical bids and 01 Samples will be submitted by bidders

The technical evaluation of technical bids and samples may include any one or more methods like conducting a functional demonstration, physical evaluation of the samples, detailed power point presentations, examination of all supporting documents and lab test certifications etc against the laid down conditions of tender enquiry and QRs/TDs published with this tender.

The purchaser reserves the right to decide upon the methodology or method of Technical Evaluation cum physical trial

  • Case Carrying, PNV Monocular – 01 per PNVM
  • Case Canvas, PNV Monocular – 01 per PNVM
  • Head Mount – 01 per PNVM
  • Helmet Mount Assembly Modified (OL) – 01 per PNVM
  • Swinging Arm Assembly – 01 per PNVM
  • User Hand Book – 01 per PNVM
  • Eye Guard – 01 per PNVM
  • Battery Charger For Rechargeable Battery (RCR123/RCR 123 N16340) – 01 per PNVM
  • Battery, Rechargeable, (RCR 123/RCR 123Al 16340,3.7V, 650 mAh Minimum) -01 per PNVM
  • Battery, Non-Rechargeable 3V, Type CR (123lCR 123A, Lithium, Make Panasonic/Duracell/ Sony) – 01 per PNVM
  • Tissue Paper/Lens Paper Book of 100 Sheets Size 15×10 Cm – 01 per PNVM
  • Musline White Bleached (300×300) – 01 per PNVM