RFI, Air Defence Gun Missile System (Self Propelled)

Issue Date: 07 Jul 2023

Response Date: 31 Aug 2023

Service: Indian Army

To provide close AD protection to mechanized formations against evolving and dynamic air threat, Army Air Defence requires Air Defence Gun Missile System (Self Propelled) {AD GM System (SP)} as a Mobile Terminal Air Defence System.

System Visualisation.

(a) The system should have matching mobility with mechanized elements in all terrains while operating as embedded AD in all their maneuvers and tactical operations.

(b) The weapon system should be a mix of both gun and missile mounted on a single/dual platform of either tracked/wheeled vehicle (HMV 6×6/HMV 8×8).

(c) The system should include a low RCS 3-D Acquisition cum Fire Control Radar, Electro Optical Fire Control System (EOFCS) and a Fire Control Computer (FCC).

(d) The Gun should be able to engage aerial targets both with the Fire Control Radar and through the EOFCS both during day and night. While the missile should be able to engage targets through the EOFCS both by day and night.

(e) The system should be able to carry out Acquisition and Tracking of the targets on the move and engage aerial targets effectively with gun on the move and with missile on short halts.

(f) The system should have the capability to engage fighter aircrafts, helicopters (including hovering helicopters), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAV) and Cruise Missiles.

Radar– The low RCS Radar should be based on 3-D Active Electronically Scanned Array with digital beam forming and should have multifunction capability to include Track While Scan(TWS) and work through jamming. It should be capable of 360 deg surveillance, target detection and tracking.

Missile System – Should be able to engage all types of Aircraft, Helicopters (including Hovering), Attack Helicopters, UAVs, UCAV, Cruise Missile and standoff ammunition at a range of not less than 6500 m.

Gun System – Radar/EOFCS controlled Gun should be capable of firing Programmable Proximity Fuze/Proximity Fuze/HE Amn.