RFP for Chaffs and Flares for BBJ Aircraft

Issue Date: 04 Jul 2023

Response Date: 01 Aug 2023

Service: Indian Air Force

Brief Details: On behalf of the President of India, Bids (under Single Bid System) invited by the Directorate of Procurement, Tender Enquiry Cell for supply of six lines Chaffs and Flares for BBJ Aircraft on LTE basis.

  1. FLARE MJU-51 A/B – Decoy IR Flare MJU-51 A/B – EACH 1620 nos.
  2. CHAFF RR -180 – CHAFF RR -180 – EACH 1432 nos.
  3. SQUIB BBU- 35/B – BBU- 35/B SQUIB – EACH 1620 nos.

Qty 02 sets of technical and operational manuals in respect of the respective Flares and Chaffs need to be supplied in English language. Additionally, manuals are to be provided in soft copy in English language (i.e. Qty 02 CD).