Govt. appoints Lt Gen MU Nair as national cybersecurity coordinator

The Government of India has appointed Lt Gen M U Nair as the new National Cybersecurity Coordinator (NCSC). He is the third cyber security chief after Lt Gen Pant and first chief Gulshan Rai.
Lt Gen Nair, who assumed the role of the 28th Signal Officer-in-Chief in July 2022, brings with him experience and expertise in the field of cyber warfare, signal intelligence, and communication and information technology.
Further, prior to his appointment as the NCSC, Lt Gen Nair served as the commandant of the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering.
Additionally, he has served as the additional director general, head of signal intelligence, chief of staff of a corps, and command. He is also an alumnus of the National Defence Academy.

About National Cybersecurity Coordinator (NCSC)

Noteworthy, the National Cybersecurity Coordinator (NCSC), operating under the National Security Council Secretariat, plays a pivotal role in coordinating with various central-level agencies on matters of national and critical importance pertaining to cybersecurity.
Besides, the agency is also responsible for monitoring communication metadata and passes on these inputs to various law enforcement agencies to look into possible cases of cybercrime.

At present, the NCSC is working on updating and replacing a 2013 National Cyber Security Strategy which will emphasize a common but differentiated approach (CBDR) meaning that though the overall goal of cybersecurity will remain the same for everyone, it will have different goals for government organisations, private institutions, academia and other stakeholders.