India-UK hold Strategic Dialogue

 With the focus at strengthening bilateral ties and addressing common security challenges, National Security Advisors (NSA) of India and the UK held strategic dialogue in New Delhi, India.

The meeting between the two National Security Advisers provides an opportunity to engage in extensive discussions on various bilateral, regional, and global issues.

The aim of the high level dialogue was to review and enhance the multi-faceted cooperation between India and the United Kingdom, while also exploring potential areas for future collaboration in technology.

Further, both the NSAs addressed regional and global matters of mutual interest.

Subsequently, in the delegation level talks, both countries reaffirmed their close strategic partnership and expressed a shared commitment to further strengthening security linkages.

Recognizing the grave threat posed by violent extremism and radicalization, India and the UK agreed to intensify cooperation in combating these challenges. 

In addition to counterterrorism efforts, both nations agreed to collaborate closely on counter-terror financing, the misuse of the internet for terrorist purposes, combating illicit drug trafficking, and countering radicalization.

Recognizing the importance of critical and emerging technologies, the two sides pledged to deepen their mutually beneficial collaboration in these areas.

This partnership aims to harness the potential of technological advancements for the benefit of both nations.

Noteworthy, this visit and the discussions held between the NSAs highlight the commitment of India and the UK to strengthen their strategic partnership and address shared security concerns.

By deepening cooperation in various domains, including counterterrorism and technology collaboration, both nations are working towards a safer and more secure future.

This visit marks another significant step in the ongoing efforts to foster strong relations between India and the United Kingdom.