MoD awards order for chaffs, flares to Premier Explosives

Premier Explosives has received an order for supplying of chaffs and flare worth Rs 552.30 Crores from the Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD).

 The order is to be executed within twelve months from the date of the contract.

Further, as per the Premier Explosives, the first order worth Rs 292.11 crore (including GST) is from Ministry of Defence, Air force, New Delhi for Supply of Chaffs and it is to be completed within 12 months.

The other order worth Rs 260.15 crore (including GST) is from Ministry of Defence, Air Force, New Delhi for Supply of Flares and it is to be completed within 12 months.

Also worth mentioning that earlier last week, the company had received an order for the supply of 50 MM MTV flares from the MoD worth Rs 76.78 crore and for supply of booster grains from Bharat Dynamics Ltd for Rs 9.73 crore.

This order is also expected to be completed within 12 months.

About Premier Explosives Limited

Premier Explosives Limited (PEL) is a Rs.2600 million company established in 1980 and founded by the first generation entrepreneur Dr. A.N. Gupta.

Since inception it has been a research and innovation oriented company by manufacturing explosives and detonators with totally indigenous technology in 1980’s and 1990’s.

In 2013 PEL started commercial-scale manufacture of detonators with Nickel Hydrazine Nitrate (NHN)as primary charge emerging as the world first to do so.

Extending its research forte to defence products, in 2003 PEL forayed into development of solid propellants and today it is the only private entity in India manufacturing and supplying solid propellants for prestigious missiles like Akash, Astra, LRSAM, etc.

PEL today has the widest range of products and technologies in the manufacture of Explosives & Accessories.

These include Emulsion and Slurry explosives, LD cartridge explosives, Bulk Explosives, Small-dia non-permitted explosives, Permitted explosives, Cast Boosters, Pillow-packs for secondary blasting; Detonating Fuse of various core-loads, Plain detonators, Instantaneous Electric Detonators, Electric Delay Detonators, Permitted Detonators, Cord Relays and Amardet NoN Electirc Shock-tube Detonators.