EoI for development Partner for Project-038 (RF Seeker being developed by RCI)      

Issue Date: 11-Jul-2023

Response Date: 04-Aug-2023

Service: DRDO

An expression of interest is requested from interested firms to participate in Development of an RF Seeker being developed by RCI, DRDO. Following are some of the major evaluation criteria (but not limited to) to identify firms best suited to undertake this development.

Overall development shall consist of two phases;

  • Training Phase meant to train the firms in all aspects of Seeker development and testing by developing two (02) number of Seekers using RCI provided subsystems. During this phase, the firm shall take procurement actions for Seeker sub systems in accordance to the requirement of four (04) number of deliverable Seekers for development phase.
  • Development Phase shall comprise of development of four (04) number of deliverable Seekers.
    • Training Phase: The Firm will be involved in development of two (02) Seekers with subsystems provided by RCI. This activity has to be carried out at RCI.
    • Development Phase: The Firm will carry out development of four (04) number of Seekers (1-Proto, 1-QT, 2-AT).