EoI for various missile explosive components to be indigenised to meet the requirement

Issue Date: 18-Jul-2023

Response Date: 02-Aug-2023

Service: Indian Navy

Surface to Surface Missile (SSM) is the mainstay weapon onboard IN Platforms. SSM constitutes of various critical explosive components viz; Booster, Igniter, Ignition Cartridge, Solid Reactant Gas Generator, Electric Igniter, and Igniter squibs. There is a need to indigenise the same to meet IN requirements. The list of components required is attached. The available technical details will be shared with the firms on receipt of interest. Based on the interest, case for placement of developmental order will be taken up for the initial prototypes and initial order Qty. Post declaration of free flow of item, the inventory holding authority will place an order for Minimum Order Qty as per extant requirement.


  • Booster Engine. Booster engine is intended to provide the requisite thrust/ acceleration to the missile during take-off and initial leg of the flight path. It is single-thrust solid propellant rocket engine of composite type. Upon completion of the operation, the entire booster engine is ejected out using Explosive Bolts.
  • Solid Reactant Gas Generator (SRGG). The SRGG is assembled on to Nozzle of turbojet sustainer engine. Nozzle – Jet nozzle is a unit, where air flow of bypass duct is mixed with gas flow from the combustion chamber. The internal ring of the nozzle housing has twenty-four blades for winding of gas flow, going from starting turbine at starting and four lugs with studs for attachment of SRGG. Convergent nozzle is formed by profile of sustainer engine external wall and surface of gas generator housing.
  • Electric Igniter & Igniter Squib. The missile has six Electric Igniters and three Igniter Squibs installed on the missile
  • Ignition Cartridges. The missile is fitted with four Ignition/ Pyro Cartridges for breaking Pneumatic Units diaphragm, opening of air intake cover and for actuation of pyro valve for pressurisation of fuel tank of the missile.