RFP for Round 40 MM MGL HEDP M433 and R433 Ammunition

Issued Date: 25-Aug-2023

Response Date: 30-Sep-2023

Service: Indian Army

Indian Army invites bids for supply of Round 40 MM MGL HEDP M433/R433 Ammunition QTY 37,103

Further the following information should also be provided by the OEM:-

(a) Operational Temperature Range of amn.

(b) Air Drop / Para dropability of amn.

(c) No of Fragments & Fragment Mass.

(d) Minimum and maximum Range of individual round.

(e) Danger Area of a round on burst.

(f) Filling Details.

(g) Mass of Filling.

(h) Safeties incorporated in this ammunition.

(j) Mass of complete round.

(k) Projectile length.

(l) Mass of Projectile.

(m) Penetration Criteria.