Participation of IAF in Exercise Bright Star-23 at Egypt

An Indian Air Force (IAF) contingent departed today, for participating in Exercise BRIGHT STAR-23 a biennial multilateral tri-service exercise scheduled to be held at Cairo (West) Air Base, Egypt from 27 August to 16 September 2023.

Worth mentioning that this is for the first time that IAF is participating in Exercise BRIGHT STAR-23 which will also see participation of contingents from the United States of America, Saudi Arabia, Greece and Qatar.

Notably, the IAF contingent will consist of five MiG-29, two IL-78, two C-130 and two C-17 aircraft.

Also, Personnel from the IAF’s Garud Special Forces, as well as those from the Numbers 28, 77, 78 and 81 Squadrons will be participating in the exercise.

The IAF transport aircraft will also provide airlift to approximately 150 personnel from the Indian Army.

The objective of the exercise is to practice planning and execution of joint operations.

Besides leading to the formation of bonding across borders, such interactions also provide a means to further strategic relations between participating nations.

IAF contingents to flying exercises abroad are thus no less than Diplomats in Flight Suits.

It is to be noted that India and Egypt have had exceptional relationship and deep cooperation wherein the two jointly undertook development of aero-engine and aircraft in 1960s and training of Egyptian pilots was done by Indian counterparts.

The relationship between the two civilizational countries was further strengthened with the recent visits by Chief of Air Forces of the two countries and Indian Defence Minister and Prime Minister to Egypt.

Also, the two countries have enhanced their joint training with regular exercises between their Armed Forces. 


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